BMW Off Road Motorcyclist Stickers 2

BMW Off Road Motorcyclist Stickers 2

16.26 zł

The stickers are made of soft PVC foil with a thickness of 70 µm

Tested in short and medium-term applications.

Overall durability in outdoor conditions 3-4 years.

Unlimited on a garage motorcycle.

Polyacrylic adhesive, water base, permanent.

  • Black matt
  • Black reflective
  • Black glossy
  • Gray matt
  • Silver
  • Yellow gloss
  • Yellow matt
  • Yellow reflective
  • Orange gloss
  • Orange reflective
  • Black gloss
  • Black matt
  • Blue reflective
  • Red gloss
  • Red matt
  • Red reflective
  • White gloss
  • White matt
  • White reflective
  • Green gloss
  • Brown gloss
  • Brown reflective


All PROWRAPS.PL plotter stickers are cut on digitally controlled machines, then manually processed.

Adhesive: Water-based polyacrylate, permanent.

Covering material: One side silicone coated paper, 137 g / m2, ensures trouble-free transfer of the film from the backing paper to the target surface.

For contrast, the white foil has a light blue backing paper.

Thickness *: (excluding protective paper and adhesive layer): 75 microns

Weight: 115 g / m2

Shape stability (DIN 30 646): glued to steel, shows no measurable shrinkage in the transverse direction; in the longitudinal direction <0.4mm

Water resistance: glued on aluminum after 48 hours / 23oC shows no changes.

Temperature resistance: glued on aluminum -40oC to + 80oC shows no changes.

Adhesive strength (FINAT- test method I, after 24 hours, stainless steel): at least 16 N / 25 mm

Tear resistance (DIN 53 455):

longitudinal: min. 19MPa

transverse: min. 19MPa

Tensile strength (DIN 53 455)

longitudinal: min. 130%

transverse: min. 150%

Recommended application temperature: above + 10oC

Storage period: 2 years / average value


White and black: 4 years

Colorless and colors: 3 years

Metallic colors: 3 years

The surface on which the foil is applied must be free of dust, grease and other contaminants that could adversely affect the sticking of the sticker.

Freshly varnished or painted surfaces should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 3 weeks.

The applicability of selected varnishes or paints with self-adhesive foil should be checked before the final sticking of the foil.

Before sticking the foil, check whether there are any chemical reactions between the foil and the substrate.

See the application manual in the INSTRUCTIONS tab

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