005 Dirty Road Euphoria
005 Dirty Road Euphoria
005 Dirty Road Euphoria
005 Dirty Road Euphoria
005 Dirty Road Euphoria
005 Dirty Road Euphoria
005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria
    005 Dirty Road Euphoria

    005 Dirty Road Euphoria

    852.85 zł
    • Secure your cases for BMW GS in style
    • Customized case wrapping kit for BMW GS luggage boxes
    • High-quality film for long-lasting protection
    • Enhance your BMW GS with a box wrapping kit
    • Easy-to-apply BMW GS box wrapping kit 
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    BMW GS Trunk Wrapping Set

    Oryginal PROWRAPS | Ultimate Panniers Shield DIY kit. 

    High-Quality Material

    • The BMW GS Trunk Wrapping Set is made from a premium, high-quality vinyl material that will provide long-lasting protection for your motorcycle's trunk.
    • This durable material is resistant to water, dust, and UV rays, ensuring that your trunk will stay looking new and vibrant for years to come.
    • With a special adhesive backing, the wrapping set is easy to apply and will not damage your motorcycle's paint or surface.

    Customizable Design

    • The BMW GS Trunk Wrapping Set offers a range of customizable design options, allowing you to add your own personal touch to your motorcycle.
    • Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match your style and make your BMW GS stand out on the road.
    • With this wrapping set, you can express your individuality and show off your unique taste in motorcycles.

    Protection and Style

    • The BMW GS Trunk Wrapping Set provides the ultimate protection and style for your motorcycle's trunk.
    • Not only will it keep your trunk looking new, but it will also protect it from scratches, dings, and other types of damage.
    • With its high-quality material and customizable design options, this wrapping set is the perfect addition to your BMW GS motorcycle.

    Original wraps by PROWRAPS | Ultimate Panniers Shield

    Wraps sets available in our store:

    For side cases - contains a set of wraps for the two side panniers of the motorcycle.

    For the top box - contains a set of wraps for the top box pannier of the motorcycle.

    For a set of factory side panniers and factory top pannier - contains a set for the factory OEM set of the same panniers wraps made by one manufacturer (side + top panniers).

    If you have a top box from a different manufacturer than the side cases, please select a separate sets for the side panniers and for the top box pannier.

    We use a strong adhesive without channeling technology on factory black-painted APDURO trunks. Please note the increased difficulty in self-applying this type of kit. 

    Our wraps provide excellent protection of the panniers aluminum surface from:

    - scratching during use

    - damage from cleaning with aggressive chemicals

    - dulling from long term use

    - residues of dried up insects after the trip

    - dust and contaminated asphalt dust

    - damage to shoes when getting on the motorcycle

    - damage to the pannier flap when attaching additional travel bags

    - damage to the pannier flap during use on a camping trip

    - storage in a garage during the off-season

    - vandalism

    Additional, our wraps also have a decorative function. We produce wraps with color scheme as closely matched as possible to the motorcycle manufacturer's OEM color palette.

    Due to the possibility of modification, each of our wraps can be given an individual character, thus giving an individual character to the motorcycle. Minor changes in the pattern are made at the customer's request, without additional charges. To order a modification, please add to your order what changes you want to make.

    We also offer the possibility to create your own design and reserve it only for yourself - we will not use it in any other project. In this case the design is agreed individually with the customer.

    All wraps are made from materials of the highest quality. We use only proven vinyls and laminates from leading manufacturers. High-quality and high-resolution printing ensures vivid colors and sharp graphic contours. The estimated durability of a set of wraps in the conditions of a garaged motorcycle is 10 years. Wraps are supplied in a matte finish as standard.

    Due to special system of air channels, all of our vinyls are easy to apply on your own. No blisters arise during application.

    By ordering our wraps you receive a ready-made and properly matched product which you can easily protect your panniers by yourself.

    A set also includes a professional tools addet to the package:

    - a special glove to facilitate application

    - professional cloths for degreasing

    - squeegee with felt for easy application

    - sharp knife for precise finishing, trimming if necessary

    - for black APDuro panniers, we also add a special surface primer

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    Type of material
    High quality PVC film
    Gloss or matt laminate
    Matt finish
    Guarantee of color retention
    7 years
    Included wrapping tool kit

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